JBL releases new PartyBox and Charge 4 portable & powerful speakers

JBL's new speakers combine powerful high-energy sound with vivid lighting effects to create an unforgettable party experience. Read on for more details of the PartyBox 300 and Charge 4.

Earlier this month, JBL released the brand new PartyBox 300 and Charge 4 speakers, following their launch at the JBL Live Lounge event.

The PartyBox 300 is a rechargeable audio system complete with mic/guitar inputs and a light show that accompanies the sound with three lighting options to create added ambience. The powerful speaker is perfect for karaoke sessions or firing up the dance floor as you take your event to the next level. And there’s a light show for every mood: Meter, Pulse, and Party mode.

The brand new Charge 4 is the ultimate hard-wear Bluetooth speaker boasts 20 hours of playtime, full IPX7 waterproof protection and dual passive radiators for a crisp, dynamic sound, plus a handy power bank and JBL Connect+ allowing you to connect to several speakers at once for wider coverage anywhere. 

Industrial fabrics and an IPX7 waterproof rating mean durability is never in question. The Charge 4 can be submerged in water and still play everyone’s favourite tunes, so you never have to worry about a freak rainstorm or a dunk in the water. Impressive, huh?


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