Pixar Takes on Toxic Masculinity in the Workplace With Latest Short

While “Purl” is an animated film, the only aspect of its story that strays from reality might be the talking balls of yarn.

Written and directed by Kristen Lester, and produced by Gillian Libbert-Ducan, the 8-minute film seeks to explore male-dominated workplaces and what women do in order to try and fit in. The short tells the story of a highly-energetic ball of yarn named Purl, who begins working at a male-centric financial startup called B.R.O. Capital. As she tries to knit together plans for the company’s direction, the young newcomer is met with some challenges as she interacts with her hypermasculine coworkers.

The film is hopefully the first of many such narratives Pixar will develop, especially considering former CCO John Lasseter was recently fired due to sexual harassment and accusations of misconduct.