The ‘All About Women’ Festival Returns For 2019

At this watershed moment in the global feminist movement, Australia’s pre-eminent festival on gender provides a platform for a wide range of resonant topics. Topics include the achievements and disillusionments of an increasingly factional #MeToo movement, female anger and desire, consent and sexual assault, toxic masculinity, feminism outside the Western world, problems with ‘wokeness’, hip hop feminism class and gender politics in the home and workplace.

Australia’s leading festival on gender “All About Women” is returning to the Sydney Opera House for its seventh season in 2019.

This year features an especially impressive lineup of emerging female voices from around the globe, brought together for one day of talks, workshops, panel discussions and live podcast recordings. As usual, the festival will coincide with International Women’s Day, taking place on Sunday, March 10.

This year’s cutting-edge topics include: ‘feminism outside the Western world’ with Arab-Australian human rights advocate Sara Saleh; ‘female anger and desire’ with US author Soraya Chemaly; ‘toxic masculinity’ with writer Clementine Ford (author of Boys Will Be Boys and Fight Like a Girl); ‘problems with wokeness by UK fashion stylist and cultural commentator Ayishat Akanbi; and ‘hip-hop feminism’ with the US journalist who coined the term, Joan Morgan.

The 2019 lineup has been curated by the Sydney Opera House’s Head of Talks and Ideas Dr Edwina Throsby, and includes Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Emily Steel — who investigated the sexual harassment claims against Fox News and Vice News.

The podcast hub will return with live recordings of cult shows, including the New York Magazine‘s The Cut on Tuesdays, Slate’s The Waves and The Guardian Australia‘s The Witch Hunt. Other highlights include an exhibition on ‘mental load’ by French comic artist Emma and a free public event where attendees will imagine ‘a collective feminist future’.

Check out the schedule here and be sure to lock in your tickets! On sale now.