Sampa The Great Brings The ‘Energy’ with Nadeem Din-Gabisi

Premiered earlier this week on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe, Sampa The Great's new single 'Energy' thrives with hypnotic chants and a low bass rhythm, with Sampa's empowering words exploring the imbalances of our world, between reflections on limitations and strength. Listen to it NOW.  Featured photo captured by Ishan Sharma
Zambian-born, Botswana-raised and now Melbourne-based artist Sampa the Great today unveils her new single ‘Energy’ featuring Nadeem Din-Gabisi, marking a powerful transition in sound and her first new release since the AMP-award winning mixtape “Birds and the BEE9″.

Co-produced by Rahki (Kendrick Lamar) and long-time collaborator Silentjay, ‘Energy’ warms the body with hypnotic chants above a low bass rhythm before unleashing Sampa’s unmistakable rhymes. Inspired by her experience among others as a Zambian-born woman, Sampa’s empowering words explore the imbalances of our world between reflections on limitations and strength. Spoken word from Nadeem Din Gabisi of London collective Steamdown, echoes her sentiments, which culminate in a defined statement, “the birds and the bees ain’t got nothing on me.”

Arriving with a visual partner to bring her raw lyricism to life, the video balances both masculine and feminine aspects of all our energy, regardless of gender.
This year taught me a lot about the balancing of self. In the process of recording and writing “Birds And The BEE9,” it became apparent that a lot around me – including myself – was very unbalanced. To be in constant defence of myself, my community and my expression was unhealthy. A lot of people around me deal with the same things I do, so it’s no surprise that the world around us is so unbalanced. We need to constantly replenish both the masculine and feminine aspects of our energy. This song and visual symbolises finding this balance, thanking those who have supported this journey so far and bridging the gap between BBEE9 and the new music to come in 2019. – Sampa the Great
After her recent Australian Music Prize and Age Music Victoria Award wins, ‘Energy’ is another testament to solidifying Sampa’s talent and influence.