We Chat to GLADES About Their Debut Album & Their Fave Sydney Eating Spots!

Sydney electronic-pop trio Glades have released their highly-anticipated debut album "To Love You," available now via all retailers and digital service providers. To celebrate the release, we chat to Glades about the record, their creative process and their favourite spots to dine at in Sydney. Click through to get to know the trio!

Following the success of their sell-out National tour in May, Sydney based alternative pop trio GLADES – comprised of Karina Wykes and multi-instrumentalist producers Cameron Robertson and Joseph Wenceslao – have spent the last few months in the U.S. putting the finishing touches on their debut album, “TO LOVE YOU,” which includes breakout single ‘Drive’ and more recent singles ‘Do Right,’ ‘Not About You’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is set for release November 2nd.

The release of “TO LOVE YOU” and a recent announcement of a national tour will consolidate the past 2 years of unprecedented success for GLADES. With the inclusion of previous singles and 7 brand new tracks, all produced in-house, the album will showcase their unequivocal talent to their fans and critics alike.

We caught up with the trio to talk about their debut album, their creative process and their favourite dining spots in Sydney.

Introduce yourselves.
We’re GLADES, an alternative pop trio from Sydney!

Your long-awaited debut album, “To Love You,” is due out next month. What can you tell us about

We’ve been working on “To Love You” for the last 2 years. It’s about capturing the different aspects of what love really is. Hollywood portrays love as picture-perfect romance, but there’s so much more to it – whether it be self-love, loving the people around you, or being there for those that are close to you.

What do you want listeners to take away from the record?
We hope that as you listen to the record, you feel all the emotions we felt as we wrote each song.
Hopefully, it opens your eyes to a broader definition of love too!

Which song/s from the record do you connect with the most?
We’re so proud of every song on the album, but ‘Better Love’ is the song we’re the proudest of on“To Love You.” I’m not sure what about it specifically. I just remember the wave of emotion I felt as we listened to it for the first time. Technically it’s the song that’s taken the longest to write – we started writing it in 2016 and it went through so many different versions until we finished it this year.

Talk us through your writing/creative process – what comes first: the lyrics or the melody?
Melody happens first – but the melody is what brings you in, and lyrics are what keep you invested. We usually start with a beat and add some chords, then add the melodies and lyrics. Every song’s different though – with ‘Nervous Energy,’ for example, we started with the palm muted guitars first and wrote the song over that.

Have you experienced any negativity in your journey so far? How have you learnt to deal with it?
There’s no way anyone could ever make something that everyone likes. I guess we’ve dealt with it by accepting that there’s no need to please everyone! If someone doesn’t like our music, that’s fine. There’s so much music to listen to out there – there’s always someone making something new – so there’s something for everyone, even if it’s not us.

You’re heading on tour soon. How are you feeling and what can we expect from your live shows?
We’re feeling pretty excited but pretty nervous about the tour! There are some songs that we haven’t
played live yet, but I’m sure we’ll be right – we’ve got a whole bunch of rehearsal days to perfect everything! We’re using screens & visuals for the first time on our own tour so that you can hear as well as see the album at the shows, and we’re hoping to make some moments that we’ll all remember.

Who are you listening to these days? If we were to look at your “Recently Added” or “Recently Played” playlists, who would we find?
Always Frank Ocean, The 1975, The Night Game, and LANY.

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not on the road or recording?
Spending time with friends and family while we’re in town is so important – in any way we can –
because we never know when we’ll be away next!

What are your top 5 spots to eat in Sydney?
This is a great question! The Grounds for great café food, Fratelli for amazing pasta, Kid Kyoto for a modern take on Japanese, Din Tai Fung for soup dumplings, and Butter for my favourite fried