We’re All Experiencing ‘Hurt Feelings’ Over the Passing of Mac Miller

Mac Miller, who died yesterday from a reported overdose, has proven even in death that his talent has the power to transcend. Miller, whose death has already spawned a number of heartfelt tributes and social media eulogies, delivered his final set in August at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Watch it now.

I can’t believe this is the last time I’m going to be posting about Mac Miller.

If you’ve been living under a rock, news broke out yesterday that the Pittsburgh rapper had passed away due to an apparent drug overdose. 🙁

And if you’ve kept up to date with #the5to9life, you’ll know that “SWIMMING” had a major impact on me.

Four days prior to his passing, Mac Miller played a special intimate set to a crowd of 100 people at the Hotel Café in Hollywood.

One song, ‘Hurt Feelings,’ was released as a promotional video to help promote Miller’s latest album “Swimming,” which was released early last month.

The four-piece band that accompanies him on the song brings a jazzier groove than the album version, which was produced by the rapper with Jon Brion and Blood Orange founder Dev Hynes. According to a setlist that appears early in the video, Miller performed at least 12 songs during the set.

I’m still in shock.

Rest in Peace, Mac. <3