Premiere: Local to Local’s Lotus Emerges With ‘TPE’

There's a new group from Melbourne that are currently making waves and they should definitely be on your radar too. Local to Local (made up of LARKS, Anbar, Lotus & Kiid Koda) are four individual artists who have combined their talents to form a collaborative crew and recently released their "One Day" mixtape, a record full of soul, R&B, trap and club sounds, with a new single to be released each week. Check out the premiere of their new single 'TPE' right now.

Melbourne group Local to Local (made up of LARKS, Anbar, Lotus & Kiid Koda) are doing things a little differently – they’re reworking the release “rules” and doing things their way.

Having only merged 12 months ago, each individual member in the group are an artist in their own right and together, they’ve created the “Day One” mixtape, with solo tracks from each artist to be released one-by-one, week-by-week.

This week, we’re excited to be premiering crew member Lotus‘ single ‘TPE.’

‘TPE (Third Person Emotions)’ showcases a soulful-R&B that is yet to be seen from the “Day One” mixtape whilst delving into a reflective & introspective lyric. Lotus’ angelic timbre rolls smoothly off the rolling drums and spellbinding production from Jase Beathedz to create a down-tempo melancholic anthem.

Reminiscent of Drake‘s mixtape days with a sprinkling of The Weeknd and 6lack, ‘TPE’ is the perfect song if you’re going for a drive late at night, or you could follow in our footsteps and pour yourself a glass of red and get all caught up in your #feels as you enjoy the vocal stylings of Lotus – whichever takes your fancy.

Hold on, hold on to me, the way that you feel
I just can not believe, that you chose to pack up and leave me to be,
You needed a shoulder to cry on, that’s me