We Chat to Melbourne’s Multi-Talented Creative Lakshane Ahead of His Single’s Release

Multi-talented vocalist, instrumentalist and producer Lakshane dropped his new single, 'All Mine,' today and we had the chance to chat with him about his infectious new single and all things music. Check it out now!

Lakshane is an independent Melbourne-based singer and songwriter of Sri Lankan descent who has already made a mark in his native country and is about to do the same in Australia!
We conversed with the multi-talented artist about his new single, ‘All Mine,’ the creative process behind his music and what he would be doing if he weren’t a musician.

Could you tell me a bit about your songwriting process for ‘All Mine’ and what spurs your 
‘All Mine’ came quite naturally to me, it was based off a feeling of seeing a girl who is so easy going and chilled. Something I’d say I hadn’t experienced before, the words and flows came naturally to me. I wrote and recorded it in three days, which for me is fastest I’ve done a song in! Usually, if I feel a melody of a beat I write to that, and I build the percussion up from there to compliment my voice.

Is there anything you hope people take away from your music?
I know a lot of people tend to relate to my music because it’s been something they could’ve
related with. This is obviously with my songs ‘Like I Do’ and ‘Let Her Go.’ However I just want
people to enjoy my music and build a strong connection with my listeners knowing that I’ll deliver
every time.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing with your life?
I actually studied and graduated from Biomedical Science. If music didn’t absorb a majority of my
interest, I’d probably be studying to be a doctor right now.

What’s your earliest memory of being inspired to become a professional artist?
I remember this quite vividly, it was whilst watching Kanye West on MTV and VH1. I didn’t have
an iPod, internet or computer so I’d watch tv till he came on. Songs like ‘Homecoming’ and
‘Heartless’ really appealed to me.

You’ve spent time learning to sing, play the guitar and produce. Which of these has proven most difficult for you?
I remember teaching myself to play the guitar at the start was quite a struggle. My fingers would hurt through the night, and it was frustrating trying to build speed. Producing took a while too, learning the right balance in production and mixing. Singing came naturally, but I still need improvement!

Congratulations on your recent success for your collaboration with R-Cue, do you see
yourself working with him more in the future?
Thank you so much! Yes, we are actually in the process of starting a new track right now.

What was the weirdest thing to happen to you last year?
Not anything particular I can think of – thank god! But a bad breakup, followed by the loss of my
Grandma, my job and Uni exams all within 2 months definitely changed me. And kind of also set
my music career alight. Everything happens for a reason, you just have to take that energy and
turn it into something beautiful.

Can we expect any more music from you this year?
There’s a very likely chance that can be, but I know for a fact 2019 will be filled with my new

Any shows coming up?
Yes, one’s a show in Grand Final Eve and my own Concert in November, going to be big.

Where can we follow you?
Main socials to watch my music are my Facebook page, YouTube and Instagram to get to know
me better.

‘All Mine’ showcases a new stylistic approach for Lakshane in comparison to his previous club & melancholic R&B infused singles by adding a lighter acoustic element coupled with a brighter overall narrative. Paying homage to his inspiration Bryson Tiller, Lakshane sings ‘Trap Soul, R&B your flavour’‘ whilst harmonising ‘Don’t play with her don’t be dishonest.’

Lakshane is now in the process of recording an EP and a flow of continuous singles to reach his goal and make his mark in Australia’s Hip Hop and RnB culture and we can’t wait to see what he releases next!