Mac Miller Sits Down with Zane Lowe For A Raw and Candid Interview

Mac Miller and Zane Lowe chop it up in an interesting new interview on Beats 1 Radio. The two discuss a bevy of topics ranging from Mac‘s positive mentality following a rough break up as well as the development of his much-anticipated album, "SWIMMING," which is set to drop August 3rd.

Mac Miller has been releasing a ton of good music lately and is about to drop an album, so it’s only right that he stopped by Zane Lowe for a genuinely honest interview to catch up on everything he’s been up to.

You will find the two of them talking about plenty of interesting subjects such as his evolution as an artist, his upcoming album SWIMMING,” keeping a positive attitude in his relationship with Ariana, not being online as often, his relationship with his fans, the creation process behind ‘Small Worlds’ and so much more.

During his interview with Lowe, Miller went on to explain that he hasn’t always been so careful about looking through all of his online mentions.

“I can find any story I want about myself,” he remarked. “I used to look at my phone, scroll through Twitter and Instagram and get my ego stroked and destroyed in the five minutes every morning, you know what I mean?”

“But with everything that happened, it was just too much,” the rapper added. “Like I’m looking on the Internet and I already have my own feelings and emotions and thoughts about what I went through. So why the f— am I going to have room for all of these?”

Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new conversation above, and if you do have an hour to spare, we highly recommend listening to the full hour-long interview on Apple Music.

Miller’s new album,SWIMMING,” will be released August 3rd.