Mac Miller Releases Relatable New Single ‘Self Care’

Fresh from announcing new album "Swimming," Mac Miller has dropped a new single. You can hear the breezy and melodic 'Self Care' by clicking on the photo above. We highly recommend checking it out for the visuals alone.

I don’t really read into celebrity gossip. Break-ups, new relationships, trials and tribulations, whatever. When it comes to that kind of news, I read the headlines and move on. I don’t necessarily click on the headline to know the whole story. Otherwise, I’ll click on 15sec of a favourite artist’s IG story and they’re there baring it all anyway. In this day and age, our attention span is short; we’re ready for the next story at the click of our fingers. It’s fucked.

Mac Miller is an artist that took me a while to get on board with but now that I have (better late than never, right?), I’m not looking back.

Fresh off a break up with Ariana Grande (headline), it seems Mac Miller is looking for a way out of his own head. Days after the split, he was arrested for a DUI (another headline) when he crashed his car into a tree in California.

Since all that occurred, he’s been alone. Alone and back in the studio, writing and creating, and as a fellow lover of words, I can tell you that isolation can bring clarity and self-awareness, but it can also bring distraction and hysteria, as Mac‘s new song, ‘Self Care,’ suggests:

“I been reading them signs/I been losing my, I been losing my, I been losing my mind,” Mac raps.

Co-written by Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes and produced by Nostxglic, DJ Dahi, and ID Labs, the first single from his upcoming album, “Swimming,” is a melodic, self-guided tour through his personal rehabilitation.

There are vague mentions of lost love in his verses, but the focus is mostly on figuring himself out, on doing whatever’s necessary to be okay.

Just after the halfway point of the single, ‘Self Care’ cuts abruptly into a more measured, melodic, and reflective second act. “Well, didn’t know what I was missing, now I see it a lil’ different/I was thinking too much,” he sings. But he finds some comfort in being lost: “I got all the time in the world/So for now I’m just chilling.”

Just like the rest of us, it’s nice to know that he is also just trying to figure out this thing we called life but is in no rush to reach the final destination.