‘Her Sound, Her Story’ Brings Women in the Australian Music Industry to the Forefront

'Her Sound Her Story' is a captivating, comprehensive documentary that showcases over 40 women from across five decades of Australian music, celebrating their achievements and impact on the industry. More pressingly, it also addresses how the inequities of the industry have impacted them. Click through for more details as well as info on how you can catch a screening of the documentary in your city.

A topic that sparks a lot of passion and conversation between individuals – both male and female – Her Sound, Her Story” is a new independent documentary that puts gender inequality in the Australian music industry under the microscope.

The project puts the spotlight on remarkable individuality, strength and ambition of women in music. Not only does the project aim to collect these incredible stories as a way to celebrate these women, but to inspire future generations destined for greatness.


Pushing women to the forefront, ‘Her Sound, Her Story’ is an intimate conversation unveiling the personal experiences, histories and the significant social impact women have within the Australian music industry. Featuring conversations with over forty women this one-of-a-kind all-female narrative is brimming with individuality, strength and creativity. This bold, unflinching take on the issues at heart extends beyond music industry, and asks “where do we want women’s voices to sit in the world today?”

Beloved artists including Tina Arena, Jen Cloher and Mojo Juju discuss their personal journeys as they reflect on their collective and unspoken struggles of being a woman in a male dominant industry. Hopeful in the prospect that change is on the horizon, and focused on the potent time to inspire the future generations to come.


The initial concept for “Her Sound, Her Story” came from independent art makers and longtime friends, filmmaker Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore and photographer Michelle Grace Hunder observing the constant conversation about gender inequality and imbalance within the music industry and the arts in general. Believing in the power of art and it’s capacity bring people together as well the importance of storytelling, the project was born.

Find out where you can catch a screening of the not-to-be-missed documentary via their official website.