Azealia Banks Goes In On Her New Single ‘Treasure Island’

Azealia Banks has shared a new single, taken from her new mixtape "Fantasea II," called 'Treasure Island,' and as its title suggests, the song is a totally brazen tropical getaway. Listen to it now!

Azealia Banks released a new single this week in the form of ‘Treasure Island,’ which you can listen to above.

Banks has long been teasing the follow-up to her 2012 “Fantasea” mixtape. Her new album, “Fantasea II: The Second Wave,” is “coming soon,” according to the ‘Treasure Island’ video description.

‘Treasure Island’ features infectious beats and god-like flows from Ms Banks as she raps:

Hips roll slow like the waves on the low tide/The shoreline, you’re all mine/Ugh, nigga I done gave you the co-sign/The pussy so good niggas call it a gold mine.