Sydney Hip-Hop Duo INQ. Need Your ‘Attention’

INQ. (short for Inquisitive Minds) are a hip-hop duo from Western Sydney, comprised of rappers/cousins Anthony Bobadilla & Justin Nacua. With an innate need to question everything in a society quick to accept information at face value, the artists pride themselves on honesty, vulnerability and love, which are key concepts embedded within the music. Check out their first official release 'Attention'.

Music comes to us through so many different forms nowadays: word of mouth (online and IRL), emails, social media, streaming platforms, “discover” playlists, etc.

Often I’ll get told about a song from a friend, they’ll send me a link and I’ll save it to listen to at a later time. There is just so much out there to filter through and only so many hours in the day.

I have to admit, I’ve been sitting on this single for a minute and finally found some time to really explore what it was all about.

Produced by Pökari (aka. Jason Vuong), INQ. (short for Inquisitive Minds) has offered up ‘Attention’ as their first endeavour onto the scene.

It’s a melting pot of styles and influences but I can definitely hear those “sound of tomorrow” vibes we know all too well created by our Soulection homies. It’s clearly grounded in the new hip-hop aesthetic but it’s also progressive within its beat selection and tight vocal flows.

The attention to detail is quite remarkable too; with every listen, a new element emerges between the layers that makes us want to dive in just a little bit deeper.

Have a listen above.

‘Attention’ is the first single off INQ.‘s upcoming EP “true & livin’, out May 30.