Vince Staples Just Trolled The Entire World with his new Avant-Garde Single ‘GTFOMD’

Vince Staples - one of the best rappers on this Earth - has long made it a habit of clapping back on Twitter whenever anyone says anything shitty to him. He’s damn good at it, too. But he’s now raised his game to another level, launching an entire GoFundMe campaign that actually turned out to be a genius marketing scheme for the release of his new single. Read all the details and listen to the single right here, right now.

Genius. Vince Staples is a genius. Yeah, I said it.

But if you’ve been paying attention over the past 24 hours or so, then you’d know that in response to criticism of his recent live shows (which we completely disagree with), Staples started a GoFundMe campaign for you to contribute and allow him to “shut the fuck up forever, and you will never hear from me again. No songs, no interviews, no anything” for the low, low price of $2 million.  In the campaign video, Vince left his critics with a choice: Get off my dick, or fund my lifestyle.”

This writer fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.

I even tweeted that I hoped that his trolls wouldn’t give him the satisfaction and actually contribute to helping him reach his goals, which includes moving to Palmdale (California), buying a puppy, a Honda and providing his homies with a year supply of soup.

But as it turns out, it was all just a genius marketing ploy for Vince to promote his new single of the same name. As at the publishing of this post, the song has become available on Spotify Australia and Soundcloud, which you can listen to above but for our Northern friends in the US/CANADA/everywhere else, it’s set to drop at midnight EST and it seems fans and critics are thirsty to hear it.

I have to admit the song is pretty damn catchy, with production provided by DJ Dahi and Ritz Reynolds. I’ve had it looping on repeat today, but that’s partly because I want to hear what he’s really talking about in the song. It takes a few listens for the message to become clear:

I don’t fuck with fame, you don’t see me in no fucking chains
Ain’t no fucking slave, Def Jam make ’em put me on no pay
This the sound I made, won’t nobody knock me off my wave
I’m the god in this, fuck up off my dick

In saying all that, Vince is still trying to get people to donate to the cause which you can do so here.

I, however, will not be funding the cause because I know deep down that if the campaign does reach its $2M goal, Vince is a man of his word, and I cannot imagine this world without his truth – whether that be through his music or opinions. But well done, Vince. We all should bow down to you, Mr Staples.

#GTFOMD from Vince Staples on Vimeo.