Maggie Rogers Releases Short Documentary ‘Back in My Body’

Maggie Rogers released a documentary this week whose title is also the name of an upcoming song from her full-length debut. The clip explores life after viral success, what it means to the singer, and how she intends to maintain it, because let's be real, the bar for Rogers is set pretty high. Check it out now.

Four years ago, Maggie Rogers travelled to Alaska and found the inspiration for her breakout song, ‘Alaska,’ which was highly-praised by Pharrell Williams in a master class at New York University, followed shortly by the rest of the internet.

In her new documentary, she goes back to the northern state and relives her experience, post-fame.

“Making space to remember who you are can be one of the most important things for music or for creation,” said the rising artist in the documentary titled “Back in My Body”.

The 12-minute clip highlights raw footages of her daily life on tour, from meet and greets, to hiking in the snow-covered woods of Alaska. At the end of the documentary, she blesses us all with an unplugged performance of a new unreleased, untitled song, as she performed it at the University of Alaska.

‘Back In My Body’ captures a year of growth, a year of change, and a vision for the future. I’m so proud to put it out in the world and start this new chapter with you.

Maggie Rogers

Watch her raw and honest documentary above.