YES LAWD! Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals Left A Lasting Impression on Sydney

Anderson .Paak is an artist that needs to be seen live by every fan of music regardless of genre preference. Seriously. We were lucky to have been able to grab tickets to his recent sold-out show in Sydney. Read on for our review of his energetic performance with The Free Nationals at The Metro Theatre.

The last time Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals toured Australia was for Listen Out Festival in 2016 and I was not in the country at the time so I missed out.

This year, I was determined not to experience that again and when I saw that they were on the stellar line-up of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival this year, it made my heart sing. Personally – and to be quite honest – ticket prices for Laneway were too steep for me so I was thankful .Paak announced a sideshow in Sydney.

Performing on a Tuesday evening, Anderson. Paak delivered one of the most energetic and mesmerising shows (6 February) of the year, setting an almost unattainable precedent for any act yet to play at the Metro Theatre. We know it’s only February but we’re just putting it out there right now.

Bursting out onto the stage and straight into ‘Come Down’, Anderson .Paak brought the energy to Sydney’s The Metro and didn’t let it wane for a second during his set.

Their set was heavy with songs from “Malibu” which was expected including ‘The Waters’, ‘Put Me Thru,’ (which you can watch above), ‘Lite Weight’ and ‘The Dreamer’ but also went back to “Venice” with ‘Milk n’ Honey’ and ‘Luh You’.

Leaping onto his drum kit, he shows off the musical prowess that allows him to maintain smooth-as-silk vocal work on ‘The Season/Carry Me,’ ‘Heart Don’t Stand a Chance,’ and crowd-favourite ‘Suede’, never missing a beat.

Guitarists Kelsey Gonzales and Jose Rios injected a taste of hard rock into their Sydney set, while Ron Tnava Avant brought along enough rhythm and soul with a beautiful solo on the keys, putting fans in a brief, but heightened state of euphoria.

A melting pot of electronic funk and incredible musicianship, .Paak‘s live performance with The Free Nationals left a lasting impression on the sweaty Sydney crowd.


Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals
6 February 2018
The Metro, Sydney

Words and visuals by Chau Tran