Watch SZA Collaborate With 6 breakout artists To Talk Struggle and Self-Love

SZA may not have won any Grammys earlier this year, but she’s a champion in her own right, just by virtue of being self-confident as a Black woman. SZA recently did a Mastercard-sponsored documentary entitled 'Can’t Judge A Book' about her journey to this point not just as a singer-songwriter, but as a person who is comfortable in their own skin. #StartSomethingPriceless

As a breakout artist of the alt-R&B movement, SZA has made a name for herself as a unique musical artist. With an ethereal and raw tone, she uses her voice to sing about love, abandonment and revisiting her past.

In a new short documentary from Mastercard, ‘Can’t Judge A Book,’ the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter speaks on the obstacles to her passion that she faced on her journey to the top.

“Growing up was hard. I was bullied for being different,” says SZA. In the film, she smiles a little at the memory.

Self-acceptance usually comes when you’re fed up with trying to be somebody else.


Just hearing her speak publicly and so candidly about it, we admit, it tugged at the heartstrings a little.

The short then reveals that SZA is joining with six emerging artists across different genres and backgrounds to recreate Willie Dixon’s, ‘You Can’t Judge a Book By The Cover.’ Look beyond their musical style, ranging from garage-rockers The Tracks to rapper and beatmaker Ruby Ibarra, and their stories begin to converge with SZA‘s to share an inspiring message.

As a result, the documentary and final music video capture the kind of victory over self-doubt that was so crucial for SZA‘s success — and for any artist looking to make work that really matters.

Watch the official music video ‘Can’t Judge a Book’ below, featuring SZA and six incredible artists coming together to break barriers and defy genres.