Local Label Sydney Romantics Showcase Their Love for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Local label Sydney Romantics took on a different approach to celebrate the Hallmark holiday, exploring what love means to them and six couples that welcomed them into their homes to share their thoughts and genuine connections. Find out more!

Valentine’s Day.
Galentine’s Day.
Schmalentine’s Day.

It’s the Hallmark Holiday that we dread. Just kidding. But not really. Yeah, but nah – that’s how we’re feeling. Seriously though, it’s the one day every year where we are reminded of our status. Our timelines are filled with the usual PDA, love and affection, roses, chocolates; all that usual ish.

It’s rare to see something that doesn’t fall into one of the aforementioned categories to be honest. But this year, local label Sydney Romantics have taken on the concept of Valentine’s Day with a different approach – spending time with six couples and sharing the real love between the two individuals in their very own homes.

In this day and age where meeting someone online is the norm, it’s nice to see that a human connection can still exist offline. Plus, it’s always nice to see a genuine love that can be captured on film.

Check out the Sydney Romantics’ Valentine’s Day campaign here.