Sa-Roc is a Lyrical Powerhouse in New Single ‘Forever’

Ladies, listen up! This one is for you. Hip-hop goddess Sa-Roc takes her seat on a golden throne as she unveils her empowering visuals for her new song, 'Forever,' produced by her longtime producer and partner in rhyme, Sol Messiah. A MUST LISTEN in this day and age.

Last week, whilst scrolling through my feed mindlessly, a caption from hip-hop artist Atmosphere caught my eye:

good morning!
play this at least once before you leave the house. if you’ve already
left, play it at least once before you go home. do a favor for a
friend and play it for them. if you see me out and about, pull me
aside and play it for me.
[sic] – Atmosphere

What he’s referring to is the new video/song from Sa-Roc, a female rap artist whose flow has already been compared to that of Kendrick Lamar.

Building anticipation for her debut album to follow later this year on Rhymesayers Entertainment, ‘Forever’ is a visual celebration of self-love.

Her opening bars will draw you in from the get go and your gaze and attention will be held until the very end.

When I wake up, no makeup, half naked, I feel like I’m the shit
Pardon my language, but hang ups do not define the kid
No, I’m not flawless, I’m scarred up and I’m fine with it

With imagery reflecting the song’s central theme of embracing one’s unique individuality, it encourages viewers to find beauty amidst their imperfections, strength beneath their pain, and acceptance of their differences. The accompanying visuals sees Sa-Roc bringing along a team of fellow goddesses, who all take turns sitting on a throne in front of a pitch black backdrop. It’s a cool juxtaposition to the fresh air visuals.

Sa-Roc is a bold reminder to not mould or shape yourself to fit someone else’s ideas and preferences. Do you. Be yourself. And Fuck everybody else.