R&B Crooner Daniel Caesar Performs a Pretty Rendition of ‘Best Part’ on COLORS Berlin

R&B singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar is the latest to appear on 'COLORS Berlin', an online music channel that aims to break down the barriers of the musical landscape. Caesar performs a solo rendition of 'Best Part' whilst casually sipping coffee/tea but it's this stripped-down performance that really has us excited to see him perform next month when he heads down under for his Australian tour!

One of our favourite break-out stars of 2017, Daniel Caesar, is the latest to appear on Berlin’s ‘COLORS’ show and we couldn’t have clicked over to the full performance quick enough!

The singer from Ontario, Canada puts his voice to work in a performance of ‘Best Part,’ which is quickly becoming our favourite song on his debut album, “Freudian.” H.E.R. wasn’t there to contribute her part of the duet, so instead, Caesar performed the different parts of the song with different vocal tones.

Caesar having a cup of coffee in his hand fits perfectly with the lyrics of the song (“You’re the coffee that I need in the morning”), but those commenters below the video have us believing it might be tea. Who knows. Who cares.

His voice is on par and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

Ahh!! CAN’T WAIT to see him perform in Sydney in a few weeks. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Listen to the original version with H.E.R below and tell us in the comments, which version do you feel?