Watch Tyler, The Creator’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Tyler, The Creator stopped by the NPR offices today for his first Tiny Desk concert, delivering reimagined versions of three songs from his album 'Flower Boy' accompanied by a backing band and singers. Of course, Tyler being Tyler decided to switch up the game and was the first to perform at night for the concert series. Check it out now.

I don’t know how much I can rave on about how much Tyler, The Creator‘s latest record, “Flower Boy” was one of my favourite albums of 2017, but here I go again.

Seriously. Forget about everything you’ve known about him before. Just pick up this record and listen to it. Buy it. Download it. Stream it. Whatever. Just make sure you listen to it from start to finish. I’m sure it will change your mind about him as an artist, as a rapper, as a musician, as a songwriter, and most of all, as a person. Tyler wasn’t afraid to get real honest and vulnerable on this record.

Tyler, the Creator made his very first performance for NPR’s brilliant Tiny Desk Concert series extra special, with a custom lighting set up being put together on the “stage” by his team the day before to feature in the first ever nighttime performance in the show’s history.

Performing three tracks from his latest record “Flower Boy”, Tyler played stripped-back versions of ‘Boredom’, ‘See You Again’ and ‘Glitter’ together with a band consisting of two soulful singers, keys, bass and drums.

So. Damn. Good.

Watch it above!