Steve Lacy’s TED Talk Will Inspire You to Stop Buying and Start Creating

At only 19 years old, Steve Lacy has an impressive track record. As the guitarist, vocalist and the youngest member of The Internet, the teen has been recognized as something of a musical mastermind. This week, Lacy’s TEDxTEEN talk, “The Bare Maximum,” showcased the exemplary of the mantra, ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.’ Watch it now.

In his first-ever TED Talk, producer Steve Lacy explains how he made music for Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and his band, The Internet, using nothing but an iPhone.

Lacy has been outspoken about his decision to forgo the latest technology for an iPhone, even using one to produce Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Pride’ — but that wasn’t always the musician’s outlook.

In his talk, the 18-year-old explained how for years all he wanted for Christmas was a MacBook Pro, “The reason why I wanted the MacBook was because all of my friends and everyone else doing artsy stuff had the MacBooks, you know?”

Eventually, Lacy was given an iPod Touch, which led him to discover that he didn’t need the most up-to-date equipment to produce. “I just realized that I didn’t need what I thought I did, and that’s what I like to call ‘The Bare Maximum,’” he explained.

Watch the video above and get ready to be inspired.