Kendrick Lamar shares new video for ‘LOVE.’

It's been a long time since "DAMN." was released, but Kendrick Lamar is still putting out music videos for it. The latest is for the track "LOVE.", a favourite for many, with direction coming from Dave Meyers & the little homies. Watch it now.

Kendrick Lamar has shared a new video for“DAMN.” track ‘LOVE.’ featuring Zacari.

It comes directed by frequent collaborators Dave Meyers and the little homies.

Due to the peacefulness and message of the song, it has been always been a fan favourite – us, included. While listening to the lyrics, Kendrick allows you to connect to the song on a deeper level. He takes you on a brief journey within a romantic relationship and gives viewers an insight of the highs and lows of it.

With the hook sung by Zacari, this was definitely one of the best songs from the album. This video is a must see to connect a fantastic song and meaningful visual together for a better understanding of ‘LOVE.’ 

The clip follows Kendrick in a relationship, highlighting the good times and the bad times along with some stunning imagery.

Check it out above!

“DAMN.” is one of the best albums of 2017 and Lamar is the strong favourite to clean out at the Grammys next month.