Discover The UnderArgument: Disrupting Mindsets and Advocating Individuality with Underwear and Difference of Opinions

The world doesn't need another underwear brand. It really doesn't. But when that brand is creating a new medium to tell stories advocating individuality, fashion seems rather appropriate to express yourself. That's where the underargument comes in. Click on the photo above to find out more.

What’s your underargument?

With warmer weather comes fewer layers and the increased probability that your undergarments will say hello to the world in some way, shape or form.

While a lot of intimates brands sell customers on an idea of who they “should” be, the underargument is about embracing your individuality and living comfortably in your own skin – whether that is the article(s) of clothing that you choose to wear or the words you say to represent the person that you are.

the underargument [is] a concept brand that combines an underwear brand (because we can and it’s pretty) and a content platform (because we have a lot of things to say) that both aim to remind us that acceptance, authenticity and individuality are what matters most.

Maïna Cissé (Creator of the underargument)

The underwear side of the brand pays homage to French-inspired seduction and luxury with sheer lace panels, bold velvet accents and flirtatious cuts. If you are after sophisticated, simple and oh-so-elegant undergarments, the underargument boasts a wide range of effortlessly sexy coordinates.

On the flip side of the brand’s identity, the underargument also uses the brand as a platform to create content by provoking your mind and keeping you on your toes with subject matter that more often than not will lead to arguments – between friends, family and significant others.

Such topics include ‘Awesome vs. Perfect’, ‘Identity vs. Stereotypes’, ‘Failures vs. Regrets’, and ‘Insecurities vs. Self-Doubt’.

the underargument = unapologetic sexiness for the mind and body.

Are you ready to put forward your argument?