Mr. Carmack Works His Magic on Mass Appeal’s ‘Rhythm Roulette’

Soulection producer Mr. Carmack makes his way to Mass Appeal’s 'Rhythm Roulette' challenge — something that was seemingly made for people exactly like him - Internet-based group of producers. Watch him make a beat by sampling three diverse records.

On the latest instalment of Mass Appeal’s ‘Rhythm Roulette’, Los Angeles-based producer Mr. Carmack was invited down to Good Records in Manhattan’s East Village—blindfolded, to pick up some random vinyl records and create a beat by sampling said records.

It’s a dope concept for a show especially if you’re a producer/beatmaker yourself, but also if you’re just in a creative field like us. To be taken out of your comfort zone and not know what could happen (or in this case, what records you’ll be working with) is what every artist needs to experience every now and then. Wouldn’t you agree?

Mass Appeal’s ‘Rhythm Roulette’ has been around for a while but this is one of the first episodes I’ve seen in a long time that I’ve wanted to share. I was a fan of Mr Carmack before, but now being able to watch him make a beat (and only use the sounds from the records), and see the way he works, it just makes me more of a fan.

“The Team Supreme affiliate, known for his groovy beats and signature dance-appropriate drums, pulled off the difficult challenge of producing a beat using merely the randomly selected records, which included Ester Phillips’ For All We Know LP and an Afro-Latin soul album by Mulatu Astatke and his Ethiopian Quintet.

Accompanied by San Francisco-based rapper and frequent collaborator Adam Vida, Carmack got right to work. He lifted some percussion from Mulatu Astatke and his Ethiopian Quintet, also sampling a couple others to kick out two beats—a ready-to-go Vida laid a rhyme over one of them.”