Chance the Rapper Debuts New Song with Daniel Caesar on ‘The Late Show’

Chance The Rapper went on The Late Show and performed a song he wrote two days before with Daniel Caesar performing alongside him. Watch it right now.

Just when you thought Chance the Rapper couldn’t warm your heart anymore, he decides to appear on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ to perform an unreleased song with new artist-to-watch Daniel Caesar, as well as talk about all the things he’s done for his beloved city of Chicago, particularly to the public schools and the education system. Such a beautiful human being! <3

At the time of this performance and even hours afterwards, the song was so new that it did not have a title yet, but since we’re late to post this, a title for the track has since been revealed and it’s called ‘First World Problems’, announced on Twitter by Chance himself.

Be sure to check out the interview segment too below where Chance reveals that the song was written in a matter of days after his initial plans to perform “Coloring Book” outtake ‘Grown Ass Kid’ fell through!

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