People Are Catching Feelings After Watching This Heartwarming Short Film

This animated short film is so relatable, no matter who you're attracted to. 'In A Heartbeat' was created by two students through a Kickstarter campaign and portrays the emotional message that "the heart wants what the heart wants, and there's nothing wrong with that".

Uploaded to YouTube earlier this week by filmmakers Beth David and Esteban Bravo, “In a Heartbeat” is a charming and heartwarming tale of teenage love that has quickly gone viral.

The animated short follows a young man who fears being outed when his heart takes matters into its own hands and pops out of his chest to chase after his crush.

Feeling akin to the Disney Animation Studios’ romantic short Paperman, the short film crafts palpable yearning and a sweetly satisfying conclusion in its brief four minutes.

With its tale of an LGBT crush, the film does much for inclusion, an area where major studios, and particularly animated films, often fall short.

In a campaign video last year, David and Bravo said that they hoped their film would “inspire people from all walks of life” and portray the message that “the heart wants what the heart wants, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

But no matter who/what your heart wants, this is something we all can relate to. Enjoy đŸ™‚