Tyler, The Creator Returns With ‘Who Dat Boy’ Video Featuring ASAP Rocky

Tyler, the Creator dropped a new music video this week for a brand new song via Columbia. The track is called 'Who Dat Boy' and features a guest spot from A$AP Rocky. The video is directed by Wolf Haley, which is Tyler, the Creator’s long-established directing pseudonym. The visuals are dark and twisted but the song itself is oddly catchy. No pun intended.

Tyler, the Creator.

He may be a controversial artist that’s been banned from ever performing live in Australia/NZ (Can we get that ban lifted, please?) anytime soon but he’s still a great artist/musician and I’m still a fan.

This week, he dropped a new video, or rather a short, twisted film, with a little help from ASAP Rocky. Tyler assumes his Wolf Haley director title in the video, which tells the unfortunate and demented story of A man and his experiment that went terribly wrong.

It opens with a slow zoom in on Tyler, as he works on something electric gear. It explodes right in his face, leaving half of it terribly scarred. He stumbles his way over to a doctor’s house conveniently down the street and gets a skin graft courtesy of Rocky. With his new face, which is now white, he seems to live happily ever after with a new, white son. While one can sit around and draw out intricate, long-winded explanations for the video’s meaning, it’s also just as likely that Tyler wanted to see people’s reactions to such a shocking image.

The eerie production adds a feeling of suspense to the song making the video more like a horror film.

You can watch the video for ‘Who Dat Boy’ above.

The visuals also preview another new song (towards the end) which I’m keen to hear more of.