Tom Misch Wants To Take You ‘South Of The River’

Instrumentalist mastermind Tom Misch is back with a brand new jam. 'South of the River' is his homage to his London postcodes through layers of his vocal blends, funky guitar and orchestrated sounds of the violin. Listen to it NOW!

South-East Londoner singer/songwriter Tom Misch released an extremely catchy orchestrated gem this week, enticing us to come ‘South of the River’ where he is.

Tom Misch is a master at adding layers on top of layers, and within this tune, the more you listen to it, the more complex it sounds as those layers are revealed.

With its string arrangements mirroring disco synth stabs and a hypnotic bass line, it’s an impressive groove that nods clearly to Misch’s danceable new direction. He has lived in East Dulwich all his life, and he loves it so much that his single is dedicated to it. “I much prefer the general vibe of south London,” he says. “I love this area, Peckham, Dulwich, Forest Hill. Singing that line — You should come south of the river — it just felt really good.”

It’s a feel-good track that somehow mixes funk, R&B, disco and pop, and will make you want to hit the dance floor!

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