Hear Bobby Hundreds’ Inspiring Journey via Complex’s New Interview Series Blueprint

The Blueprint is a beautifully edited new web/interview series presented by Complex that provides us in raw, honest storytelling from its interviews. Last week, they featured the iconic Jimmy Iovine; this week, Bobby Hundreds sat down with Complex's Editor-In-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever to discuss his journey of starting the origins and all the things they did to make cement themselves as one of the OG's for today's generation in street and skate culture.

Complex recently launched an exhilerating new video series called “Blueprint”, spearheaded by their Editor-in-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever.

Launching last week, the series kicked off by featuring Jimmy Iovine discussing how he found Interscope Records, Apple Music & Selling Beats By Dre amongst other things. Watch that here.

But it’s this week’s episode with Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds of streetwear label The Hundreds that we wanted to feature and share with you.

Starting a successful brand, much less a fashion brand, is extremely difficult. Over 90% of new businesses fail.

Side Note: I should know. In a past life, I was part of a collective that tried to do it. Taking inspiration from the likes of Bobby Hundreds, Shawn Stussy, Jeff Staple and the like, we tried but we failed. We were part of the 90% statistic and we never tried again. Oh well.

I actually met all four names that have been mentioned in this piece (i.e. Kim, Stussy, Callahan-Bever and Staple) because of this past life and the opportunities that came up out of it.

To be completely honest, the best thing you could do for yourself is press play on the interview above because it is truly an inspiring story for him to share his journey from the foundations of the label to where it is today.

I don’t care about clothes. I care about drawing people together & bringing cultures & communities together. – Bobby Hundreds