Live Your Truth at This Pop-Up Confession Booth in Sydney

An inflatable 'Truth Booth' will be structured on the grounds of Sydney's Hyde Park this weekend for Art and About, which means it's time for you to get candid. Details inside.

What is your truth?

Some might say that is a heavy and loaded question, but I’m sure you’ve thought about the answer to it; your answer. It’s similar to the answer of the question, ‘What do you stand behind?’

I’ve thought about my answer to the latter a lot lately and it always changes.

Having travelled the world in pursuit of universal knowledge, In Search of the Truth (otherwise known as the Truth Booth) is coming to Sydney’s Hyde Park this month for Art & About — and its creators are asking locals to sit inside and speak with as much sincerity as they can about any topic.

Shaped like a cartoon speech bubble on the outside, and resembling a photo booth on the inside, The Truth Booth is a giant video recording booth travelling the world In Search of The Truth.

The brainchild of the Cause Collective, you’re invited to enter the booth and record your opinions and thoughts while completing the statement “the truth is…”.

Videos from the booth will be compiled and shared on the project’s website.

Established in 2011, the project has already travelled to Ireland, Afghanistan, South Africa and a 50-state tour around the United States. Before the 2016 US election, the booth gave people a platform to speak their ‘truths’ during one of the most important political periods in American history.

It’s a difficult and brave thing to tell the truth, which is why Truth Booth feels so liberating.

So, step inside The Truth Book and add your voice to a global conversation on truth.

The Truth Book will be at Sydney’s Hyde Park until June 18th.