Zhivago’s Collection at MBFWA Last Night Did Not Live Up To The Origin of their Name

Last night at the Zhivago show, our photographer Jess Brohier attended on our behalf but the collection as a whole was uninspiring. Last year's collection was bolder and more daring, as per the meaning behind the name of their label, but this year, we weren't all that impressed. Check out Jess' photos and tell us what you think.

ZHIVAGO is a high-octane West Australian fashion label, widely acclaimed for their signature fusion of tailored ready-to-wear, architectural proportions and provocative red carpet gowns.

From the Russian name meaning “daring”, ZHIVAGO is designed for the confident, calculated statement-maker, who lusts for opulence and directional design.

This year, their collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia was lacklustre, in my opinion.

Whilst I didn’t personally attend the runway show, our photographer did and going through her photos, there weren’t too many designs that left me feeling like I missed out on anything special.

ZHIVAGO the label is known to be both seductive and sophisticated, with their high voltage designs enhancing the female form and further empowering the confident woman.

That was shown through some pieces at last night’s show and perhaps even moreso when all the ladies strutted down the runway together in formation (Cue Beyonce’s song), but other than that, we expected a little more.

The pops of bright and bold colours shown in the make-up and the bad-ass accessories on the models actually caught our attention over the clothes, sorry to say.

All photos captured by Jess Brohier for The 5 to 9 Life.