‘You Don’t Know’ About Ella Vos, But You’ll Want To Get To Know Her

Los Angeles singer Ella Vos is a new artist we're excited to be finding out about. Her new single "You Don't Know About Me" is defiant and personal with a strong message behind it. Watch her new video now.

Los Angeles native Ella Vos is a talented vocalist and songwriter. Her video for ‘You Don’t Know About Me’ premiered on Refinery29 just hours ago, and we can’t get enough of everything about it – from the visuals to the lyrics but more so the message behind it.

Vos wrote ‘You Don’t Know About Me’ as a response to current politics surrounding women’s bodies and rights. As a young mother herself, she was inspired by a recent conversation with her own mother on pro-choice versus pro-life.

Of the track, Vos says, “Why does it sometimes feel as if we’re back in 1972 when 70-year-old male legislators were the ones making decisions about young women’s bodies? I wrote a song about ignorance. About all those little comments we combat throughout the day. About choosing to replace those words with empowering statements. This is my body. I am a woman. I am a daughter. I am a mother. None of us chooses the first two, but don’t we all deserve a choice with the latter?”
The visuals show words and phrases that many women hear too often and know all too well that are spoken from the lips of the opposite sex. I’ve heard them. You probably have too. In the video, these words and phrases are projected onto the bare skin of women who have also heard them, accompanied by Vos’ lyricism that perfectly articulates the frustration of this struggle.

Rising star Ella Vos‘ latest track ‘You Don’t Know About Me’ is out now and you can watch the video above.

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