Sampa The Great releases ‘HERoes Act 2’ EP Today via Red Bull Sound Select

Sampa The Great, has released her new EP, HERoes Act 2, featuring three tracks with UK vocalist Estelle and production by Rahki, out now with Red Bull Sound Select. New songs “Everybody’s Hero,” “The Plug,” and “Paved With Gold” can all be heard right here, right now.

I was late to jump on the Sampa the Great bandwagon after a friend introduced me to her music last year. I’d heard her name thrown around here and there prior to that introduction, but I’d never taken the time to sit down and really decipher what she was expressing through her music.

A female poet and singer-songwriter who expresses herself through music, poetry and visual art, Sampa the Great captured the attention of this fellow creative through her thought-provoking words and story-telling.

With two mixtapes already under her belt, today, Sampa the Great continues that journey of great story-telling with the release of her new EP, HERoes Act 2 via Red Bull Sound Select.

The EP was the result of a series of collaborative studio sessions at Red Bull Paris studios with UK artist and Grammy-award winning songwriter/vocalist Estelle and LA go-to producer Rahki.

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall during those studio sessions? Think of all the music that they didn’t release. Hmm..

As a follow up to Sampa The Great’s two-part song and spoken word project “HERoes”, that she released last year, today’s EP release marks a continuation of collaboration and self-exploration. Act 2’s first single, ‘Everybody’s Hero’ is an emotional callout to the inability of being everyone’s hero and instead being your own, while accompanying tracks, the impactful ‘The Plug’ shines value on self-confidence and being your own muse, and soul-tinged ‘Paved With Gold’ speaks of clarifying life’s new direction after a derailment.

Press play above to listen to Sampa The Great‘s new EP now and enjoy!