PAGEANT Gave Us ‘Tunnel Vision’ with Fresh and Fierce Designs at MBFWA

Pageant made their MBFWA debut with an edgy collection featuring mesh, coloured denim and swimwear on the runway. Geometric sculptures by Melbourne artist Caleb Shea accented the space providing a colourful foil to the contemporary pieces in the collection. Mixing sportswear with streetwear and fragments of feminine pieces, their designs have already garnered worldwide attention. Have they grabbed yours? Check out our review. All photos by Jess Brohier.

#GIRLBOSS duo Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds, creators of Australian fashion label PAGEANT have a wealth of experience within the industry, having designed for iconic labels including Christopher Shannon, Christopher Kane and Perks and Mini (P.A.M).

PAGEANT presented Resort ‘18: ‘Tunnel Vision’ down the runway this year at Australian Fashion Week which looks at the habitation of unusual environments and the strange beauty they contain, a concept they derived from Melbourne’s infamous Cave Clan.

Taking inspiration from uniforms and army wear, ‘Tunnel Vision’ plays with utilitarian shapes and fabrics including net, rib, nylon and denim.

PAGEANT‘s signature clean lines and sportswear-influenced separates were delivered in camouflage, rosy and tangerine denim, and bright colour blocks of purples, reds, yellows and tan, teamed with puffer accessories.

Their designs were creative and innovative which complemented perfectly against HTRK‘s hazy primal soundtrack and the geometric sculptures on the runway made by Melbourne artist Caleb Shea.

If you’re not already part of PAGEANT‘s cult following, perhaps their ‘Tunnel Vision’ collection will convince you to get on board.

All photos by Jess Brohier for The 5 to 9 Life.