Michael Lo Sordo’s stunning ‘Acceidential Secrétaire’ Collection Swept Down The Runway at MBFWA

Michael Lo Sordo takes great care in ensuring that each aspect of the Michael Lo Sordo label is in keeping with its sophisticated and luxurious designs. The 'Acceidential Secrétaire' collection he showcased at Australian Fashion Week this year saw stunning dresses and trenches walk down the runway in waves of red and black. Photos by Jess Brohier.

Michael Lo Sordo
is an eponymous brand committed to creating staple and unique statement pieces that can be innovated from season to season.

The innovation in his garments reflects his consistent efforts to not only expand his own vision but the vision of his wearers.

The Michael Lo Sordo woman stands out – for all the right reasons: she’s a razor sharp romantic minimalist, she’s sophisticated, she’ll wow a crowd, and she can dance. She shares the designer’s instinctive passion for quality, longevity and individuality.

The models wore his stunning and layered ensembles of dresses and trenches had this attitude in mind, sending a shockwave colour palette of brilliant cherry red, blush, white, black and shirt-dresses in blue or pinstripe cotton as they strutted down the runway.

Generous cut-outs at the hips and lace bodysuits gave his range a sensuality that suited the deconstructed elements of the outer pieces, whilst voluminous outerwear garments and chic tailored pieces alike were belted at the waist or held together at the back and seams by flyaway ring ties and a devil-may-care attitude.

The ‘Acceidential Secrétaire’ [sic] collection won’t be for the faint heartened but then again, the Michael Lo Sordo woman is never one to shy away from the spotlight.

All photos captured by Jess Brohier for The 5 to 9 Life.