Melbourne’s Chiara Kickdrum Created a Playlist for The 5 to 9 Life

Red Bull Music Academy's 'Transliminal' is an industrial-scale, transcendental warehouse rave held at Hobart City Hall next month. Four events held over two weekends include immersive & disorientating light installations designed by Robin Fox, as well as sets from pioneers DJ Harvey, Juliana Huxtable, Legowelt & more. The 5 to 9 Life teamed up with one of the artists on the bill - Melbourne's own Chiara Kickdrum - for an exclusive playlist which you can listen to right here, right now. :)

The Red Bull Music Academy and DARK MOFO are set to present ‘Transliminal’ next month in Hobart, Tasmania and The 5 to 9 Life has teamed up with featured artist on the bill, Chiara Kickdrum to create and curate a playlist of the music she listens to during the hours of 5pm – 9am.

Read on to see what Chiara herself had to say upon curating the playlist and click play above to listen to this very special playlist.

Chiara Kickdrum x The 5 to 9 Life
5pm – 9am Playlist

“[It was] Hard to condense my daily playlist in eight tracks. Although I DJ and produce a lot of techno, during the day I listen to a lot of classical, ambient electronic and electro. I’ve included a mix done on Privacy’s radio show, which has some of the freshest electro I’ve heard. A beautiful techno track by Rotterdam duo Duplex; Calypso of House by Keytronic Ensemble, which is a house classic, probably on my top five house tracks ever produced; Nine by Autechre from the Amber album, a track by Actress and to finish an amazing composition by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. I have been listening to her album Ears on repeat, I highly recommend it, and Selected Ambient Works by Aphex Twin. I couldn’t find many Soundcloud links for Philip Glass, otherwise, he would definitely be in there too.” 

Chiara Kickdrum will be performing at DARK MOFO for Red Bull Music Academy’s ‘Transliminal’. More details below:

Hobart City Hall, Tasmania
10pm – 5am
Limited tickets available on the door.
Follow Red Bull Music Academy for updates. 

Friday 9 June 2017
DJ Harvey
Frank Booker

Saturday 10 June 2017
Legowelt (LIVE)

Friday 16 June 2017
Juliana Huxtable
Chiara Kickdrum & Dj Kiti
Brooke Powers

Friday 17 June 2017
Maurice Fulton & J’nett
Adi Toohey