Margaret Zhang Is Holding Her First-Ever Photography Exhibition in Sydney This Weekend

Margaret Zhang needs no introduction: She is one of Australia’s most influential new creatives, building a global fan-base for her work as a stylist, photographer, and creative director. And for the first time ever, she is set to hold her very own photography exhibition in Sydney this weekend!! Keen on attending? Click on the photo above to find out the details.

We are massive fans of Margaret Zhang – from her style and her work as a photographer to even her story of how she hustled her way to being at the point where she is today. Truly inspiring. <3 Since her digital beginnings in the fashion industry in 2009, Zhang has worked with global brands including UNIQLO, Swarovski, Clinique, Louis Vuitton and more, in a wide range of content and consulting capacities.

Through her own channels, Zhang offers the world a sophisticated aesthetic and global perspective, a one-woman communications and creative agency. Zhang represents a new generation of creative producers: independent thinkers who refuse to fit into one easy categorisation, who work across disciplines, blur boundaries between creative and commercial work, and who build their own passionate audiences around the world.

This weekend, the photographer/director/stylist/writer/model aka the ultimate slashie will be hosting her first-ever solo photography exhibition!

The exhibition will showcase 39 previously unpublished works, titled “UNSEEN: A Photographic Retrospective by Margaret Zhang, presented by Vestiaire Collective”. If you can’t make it to Sydney for the exhibition, you’ll be able to purchase the prints via Shine By Three.

UNSEEN: A Photographic Retrospective by Margaret Zhang
Saturday, May 13th
Comber Street Studios

*Photo Credit: ELLE Magazine (US)