Watch Oddisee Give a Dynamic Performance of ‘Like Really’ for COLORS Berlin

Performing live for the COLORS BERLIN Show platform, Brooklyn-via-D.C rap artist Oddisee asks some eye-opening questions to listeners for his 'Like Really' performance video. Watch it now.

COLORS BERLIN is an online music channel that aims to break down the barriers of the musical landscape. ALL COLORS NO GENRES is their main mission – from hip-hop to indie, electronica, R&B and pop, COLORS BERLIN allows artists to present themselves and their work in a contemporary way.

The artists that they’ve showcased – past and present – are artists whom aren’t afraid to be who they are and show who they are through their expression of song, lyrics and poetry. It’s really inspiring. Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube page to be the first to hear/see who they have next.

Oddisee is their latest guest to take over the COLORS BERLIN stage to use his platform and his artistic voice to incite direction action and address America’s problems with both wit and seriousness. ‘Like Really’ is his thesis statement, a masterfully constructed track that is the second single from his recent work “The Iceberg”.

A laidback and mildly disjointed opening of jazzy guitar and drums leads into tightly-woven trap, over which the Brooklyn-via-D.C. artist raps and sings at different tempos. His provocative words are backed by a simple, yet to the the point question, “nah, like really?” It’s as though he can’t believe the world we’re living in and desperately wants answers to choice queries like, “How you gonna make us great when we were never really that amazing?”.