Watch An Award-Winning Pixar-Like Short Film Which Shows How Society Destroys Your Creativity

Modern society tells us to do well in school, work as hard as we can, and eventually, teach our kids to do the same. It’s an endless cycle that doesn’t exactly leave much room for creativity. This short film is encouraging people to look at things differently and is striking a cord. Watch it now.

“Alike”, a Pixar-like affair by Madrid-based animators Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez, is a 7-minute lesson on what happens to your life when creativity is drowned out by the daily grind, a feeling I’ve been experiencing all too much lately – but that’s another story.

The short film is also about parenthood and the importance of letting kids forge their own journeys.

The critically-acclaimed short was made entirely with Blender, an open-source 3D rendering program, and is dedicated “to our families, for helping us not to lose our colour.”

Press play above and enjoy the short.