Louis Baker Shares the Visuals to Haunting New Single ‘Gave It All Away’

New Zealand singer-songwriter Louis Baker has released the official music video to his beautiful new single, 'Gave It All Away.' Listen to the single depicting a true story that happened to Baker whilst he was living abroad.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of New Zealand artist Louis Baker and this week, he’s sharing with us the visuals to his latest single, ‘Gave It All Away’.

The single was produced by none other than Mu of Fat Freddy’s Drop fame, which complements brilliantly to Baker’s lyrics and arrangement. The song, written during a period abroad during an eye-opening night in his hotel room, is a reminder not to give up on your dreams, as Baker explains.

“I remember feeling the exhaustion starting to set in, after being on the road by myself in the UK for quite some time,” Louis reminisces. “The video depicts what actually happened, although the room wasn’t as nice. I got back to my motel room after a show and wrote the song in 15 minutes, it came pouring out of me because I meant every word.”

“The song is about not giving up on your dreams. It’s about never giving in. It’s about the resolve and determination one must have in order to make these dreams become reality.”

This is more than passion
This is more than a game
This is more than anything
That I’ve ever made
I need the satisfaction
Power to the name
To know I gave it everything
Before I gave it all away

His beautiful, soulful voice has recently drawn attention from the likes of internationally-acclaimed artists India Arie and Allen Stone and we think it’s about damn time. We just hope they share the love so the rest of the world catches on! <3