David Dallas Is Done Trying to ‘Fit In’

Four years after dropping his "Falling Into Place" album, New Zealand hip-hop artist David Dallas is back with the much-anticipated "Hood Country Club". What can you expect from the rapper's fourth studio album? Listen to the first smooth single, 'Fit In' now.

New Zealand native David Dallas has shared the official music video for the lead single, ‘Fit In,’ off his latest record, “Hood Country Club”.

We were late to the party of listening to this record but we’re so glad we got to it when we did. It is absolute fire! Do yourself a favour and… you know the drill.

Produced by Melbourne-based homies Styalz Fuego and Nic M and featuring vocals from British newcomer Laurent John, ‘Fit In’ sees a maturing of the mind as Dallas drops verses about going against the flow.

I’m done
Ain’t holding my tongue for, no one
Ain’t tryna be down
With this crowd, or that crowd
Sitting on Pitchfork tryna figure out
What’s good, what’s hot
Showing off to your friends like you’re top notch