REMI Release New Video for ‘Contact High/Hi/I’ ft. Silent Jay

Melbourne hip hop artist Remi Kolawole and collaborator Sensible J (collectively known as REMI) are thrilled to release the music video for their single 'Contact Hi/High/I', featuring back-up vocals from Hiatus Kaiyote and producer extraordinaire, Silent Jay. 'Contact Hi/High' is taken from REMI's sophomore album "Divas and Demons" that was released last year.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been so drunk/high that you believe with a passion that all the ideas that you’re coming up with are the BEST EVER?

That’s what I feel like happened when Melbourne’s most talented hip-hop acts Remi Kolawole and collaborator Sensible J (collectively known as REMI) along with their mate Silent Jay got together and decided to cook up their own version of The Great Australian/British Bake-Off for their new single, ‘Contact Hi/High/I.’

Maybe I’ve got it wrong, but hey, wouldn’t it be funny if I was right? 😉

Premiering on CLASH, the track is taken from the duo’s highly-praised sophomore album, “Divas and Demons.”

This was one of those tracks that stood out to us on our review of the record, showcasing Sensible J’s on point production skills with Silent Jay’s smooth vocals.

I wrote this joint when I was living out of home. One of my friends once told me: ‘In Australia we have it so good, we’re afforded the liberty to stay childish for our whole lives’. Whether through drinking culture, drug culture, consumerism etc. I kinda noticed this in myself and wanted to just write about my childish mentality, and how it was being validated by my vices. Gotta send much love to my brother Silent Jay. Not only is he one of the most ridiculous talents I know, but he’s also family. He picked up the vibe immediately and really brought it home for me. You know your friend killed it, when you’ve heard a song 100’s of times, and then when they lay their shit down it becomes instantly brand new to you. I see you Nivea Knuckles.


Divas and Demons” is available for purchase here.