Last Night’s Soulection Show in Sydney Was Pretty F$%*ing Epic!

Though it was only a few years ago that the distribution of music was controlled by only the biggest and most well-known labels, the inspiring hustle of the individuals behind independent record label, Soulection, has quickly become a notable platform and global community of artists, creatives and tastemakers alike. Keeping quality music as their consistent staple ingredient, the LA-based collective now boasts a roster of international artists and producers, a streetwear label, a radio show on Apple‘s Beats 1 station and countless sold out tours and appearances around the globe. This past weekend, they continued on that journey and brought 'The Sound of Tomorrow' to Sydney. Check out our review now.

The headline of this post is what I tweeted this morning in 140 characters or less (Please disregard the extra word/letter. I was too excited to spell-check!) along with my plea to invite the three headlining acts Jarreau Vandal, SOSUPERSAM and LAKIM to come back soon!^^  #truestory

Last night, the ever-growing independent label that is Soulection brought an electrifying line up to Sydney.

Presented by The Operatives and Astral People, Soulection chose to send Jarreau Vandal, SOSUPERSAM and LAKIM down under to represent ‘The Sound of Tomorrow.’

If you’ve been following us for a minute, you’ll know that this isn’t the first time Soulection has bought musical acts to Australia. In fact, we’ve been lucky enough to work with the LA-based label since their first Aussie tour in 2014.

The much-anticipated return of Soulection returning to our shores resulted in every show being sold out around the country! Woohoo!

So how was their show last night in Sydney?

Pier One, a somewhat odd choice but gorgeous location overlooking the Sydney Harbour, set the scene for what was to become a Sunday session turning all the way up from 0 to 100. Kicking off in the late afternoon, you’d be forgiven for thinking that maybe this was going to stay pretty tame.

But having attended every Soulection show that’s come through to Sydney since the start, I knew better.  😉

We rocked up around 5.30pm, catching the last few minutes of support act/Aussie electronic prodigy/producer swindail, and from what we saw, he already had the crowd eating out of his hands with his unquestionable passion for each and every drop during his set.

Having just played shows in New Zealand, Melbourne and Brisbane, SOSUPERSAM stepped up to the stage and absolutely SLAAYYYEED behind those decks. SOSUPERSAM is regarded as one of the top (female) DJs on the Soulection roster and that evening, it seemed like she was the one everyone was hoping to catch a glimpse of. Running into old friends at the show (and some new friends I made on the night), almost every single person I spoke with wanted to see SOSUPERSAM and Damn, did she deliver!

Her set was heavy with an impressive array of tribal beats, modern hip anthems and hidden gems you may have forgotten or never knew about from the likes of NAO, Sean Paul, Modjo, Teriyaki Boys and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few.

Even fellow Soulection artist – and next up to the decks – producer LAKIM was impressed. Watch below. 🙂


Having met LAKIM during Soulection’s first tour in 2014, he was familiar with what the Sydney crowd would be like and during SOSUPERSAM‘s set, he told me that his expectations for the show were very high. Fortunately, I think we delivered on those expectations, perhaps we even exceeded?

Kicking off with a set of percussion-heavy electronic instrumentals and subtle remixes of your favourite RnB tunes, the producer’s penchant for twists of footwork, bounces of future bass, euphoric synths, and choice sampling was well-received especially when he dropped his remixes of Young Dro, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliott and Kanye West.

I’ll be the first to admit that whilst I am a loyal and avid fan of Soulection, I was not too familiar with Jarreau Vandal, the final producer/artist to take to the Sydney stage, but having experienced a Jarreau Vandal set live and in my hometown, quickly had me regretting some life choices. Not really, haha, but I did regret having slept on how talented he is. Under-rated, for sure.

The Amsterdam-based producer stepped up on stage with a smile on his face and a request for the crowd to give him their everything. In what was arguably one of the best DJ sets most of us would have heard/experienced in a while, Vandal’s unrivalled energy and ability to deliver edits upon edits upon edits of smooth and funky hip-hop and RnB-inspired jams with a surprising blend of house, techno and leftfield electronics too was nothing short of astonishing.

With approximately 15 minutes left, SOSUPERSAM and swindail took over to deliver a worthwhile finale, but as the lights came back on at 9pm (right on time by the way), the duo decided to play one more song for the crowd which eventuated to an electric crowd participation of moshing, yelling and singing along to Travis Scott‘s forever-relevant ‘Antidote’, which you can watch below and live in regret that you were not there that night. 😛

Soulection is without a doubt only on their way up from here, and with all shows selling out, at the end of a phenomenal tour, this was the best way to see them off.

Let’s just hope that they don’t wait too long to bring‘The Sound of Tomorrow’ back down under.

Astral People pres. Soulection: The Sound Of Tomorrow
(feat. SOSUPERSAM, LAKIM, and Jarreau Vandal) 

Pier One, Sydney Harbour
Sunday 5th March 2017.