Jarreau Vandal Releases His First Single of 2017 with Olivia Nelson

Jarreau Vandal and Olivia Nelson are a blissfully refreshing combination on “Someone That You Love.” This is Jarreau’s first single of 2017, and it was worth the wait. Plus he is introducing us to London singer/songwriter Olivia Nelson. Win-win.

Jarreau Vandal had barely left our country before he decided to drop a new single – his first for 2017 – featuring singer/songwriter Olivia Nelson!

Titled ‘Someone That You Love’, the pop/dance single infused with R&B is both refreshing and infectious.

This is the first time we’re hearing Olivia Nelson‘s vocals and we can’t help but compare certain tones and notes to that of Rihanna‘s. Is it just us, or do you hear it too?

Swelling beats + energetic bass lines + whip smart vocals + perfect production = a spellbinding single you simply must listen to.