Soulection Releases New Music for the New Year

Soulection has always been known to find and push for 'The Sound of Tomorrow'. Aside from celebrating their six-year-anniversary last week, their first order of business for 2017 was to release a 12-track compilation of original tracks from their roster of family and friends. Check out "Promise Once More" now.

We here at The 5 to 9 Life have been lucky enough to have met/interviewed some of the artists and producers of the Soulection crew over the years, and so it’s been incredibly exciting and inspiring to watch their journey and progress.

2017 marks the collective’s 6th anniversary, and to celebrate, Joe Kay, Andre Power and co., have decided to release some new music to mark the occasion!

This week celebrates 6 years of Soulection and we wanted to start off the new year with new music.
Promise Once More highlights our generations constant battle between situation-ship vs relationship.
THANK YOU to all the artists & crew who contributed to this album.
Enjoy a new era of sounds and storytelling.

Personally, Soulection is still a fresh new movement to me; always on the grind of digging for that particularly sound, the one we often hear Joe Kay describing as “The Sound of Tomorrow”.

Their new compilation, “Promise Once More”, provides just that with new music from their ever-growing roster of artists/producer/singers etc including IAMNOBODI, Insightful, oJ, e$ta, and James Chatburn just to name a few.

Press play, turn the volume up and get ready to vibe the $%^# out. đŸ˜‰