Lana Del Rey returns with dreamy single ‘Love’

Last week, cinematic posters for a new Lana Del Rey project began appearing in the streets of L.A. - turns out it was advertising for the singer's new single. Now, you have the chance to listen to the new single, 'Love', in full.

Following a mysterious poster campaign teasing a new Lana Del Rey project called ‘Love’ in Los Angeles earlier this week, the mystery has been resolved and it turns out ‘Love’ is Lana Del Rey‘s first new single.

The track was produced by Rick Nowels, Emile Haynie, and Benny Blanco and features a lyrical and melodic reference to the Beach Boys’ ‘Don’t Worry Baby.’

It is not only the first single since 2015, you can listen to it right now.

An album should not be far away at this point and a video for ‘Love’ is already in the making.

Can’t Wait!