Va$htie Created a Birthday Mix for Four Iconic Women

Va$htie has decided to celebrate the birthdays of four quintessential women this year. With a new mix, the "#ONE16GOAT" pays homage to iconic Capricorns Sade, Kate Moss, Aaliyah and FKA twigs. Listen to the mix now.

If your birthday falls on January 16, then you share the day with four distinguished women — Aaliyah, Sade, Kate Moss, and FKA twigs were all born in the middle of the first month of the year — so NYC renaissance woman Va$htie has decided to pay tribute to the legends with a new mix entitled “#ONE16GOAT”.

The mix is largely comprised of Aaliyah and Sade tracks, including The Neptunes’s remix of ‘By Your Side,’ and an Aaliyah/FKA twigs mash-up.

January 16th is the birthday of Sade, Kate Moss, Aaliyah & FKA Twigs. In honor of these influential and iconic Capricorn women, I wanted to celebrate their lives through a special mix created by me.

Simply titled, #ONE16GOAT, for the animal associated with Capricorn, but also for the acronym “the greatest of all time” in reference to the goddesses born on January 16th.

Happy #ONE16GOAT Day, from your favorite Taurus! – Va$htie