Melbourne’s MOGA Celebrates Multiculturalism with its Australia Day Campaign

Feminist fashion label MOGA has unveiled a diversity ad campaign for Australia Day. The Melbourne women's label has released an online poster ad to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism down under, which features the faces of four everyday Aussie women, each from a different ethnic background. Click the photo above to check out the campaign.

You might remember when we featured Melbourne label MOGA last year for contributing to the education of young women in Pakistan.

Now, the label is making another powerful message with its latest campaign, just in time for Australia Day next week – celebrating diversity and multiculturalism in our wonderful country.

Four different women from four different backgrounds are featured in the online campaign, and they all have draped MOGA’s green and gold scarf in a way that represents their culture or personal style.

This is to support our contention that even though we have our similarities and we have our differences, we ALL call Australia home.

The most thrilling part of this process was to see how the same scarf could be worn in so many different ways and still be symbolic to each girl’s identity. Whilst this visual only represents a fraction of ethnicities that make-up our population today, we are proud to have used young women from Aboriginal, Vietnamese, Anglo and Somalian backgrounds.

We made this visual to counter the recent rise in inflammatory rhetoric being made against minorities and immigrants and to remind people that what makes Australia great is that it is home to all of us and not just a selected few.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you want to purchase a scarf, 20 percent of MOGA‘s profits will go directly to helping young girls in vulnerable regions attend secondary school.

With the future being female, we’re definitely standing behind this campaign. To purchase a scarf, head to MOGA’s website.