Kodak Releases Emotional Short Film ‘Understanding’

Get those tissues ready: this three-minute father-son story from Kodak is a tear-jerker. It's a beautiful meditation on love, the fear and anxiety of living in the closet and coming out, and the transformative power of family and love.

Amid the ever-growing digital age that we’ve all become accustomed to, it’s often difficult to remember the beauty of a 35mm film.

Kodak teamed up with director Terry Rayment and cinematographer Kate Arizmendi to tell a beautiful story with a forgotten medium. The short film, “Understanding”, was shot with a KODAK VISION3 500T 5219.

In just under three minutes, the short manages to make viewers reach for a tissue and rediscover the power of a printed still image.

We don’t want to reveal too much.. it’s better if you just press play on the above.

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